My goal is to encourage creative and critical thinking among my students. My job is not to tell my students what to think, but rather to push them to develop and defend their ideas using logically compelling arguments. In this way, I see my role in the classroom as that of a motivator and facilitator, to encourage and assist my students in reaching their full academic potential and in following their career aspirations.

I try to make the atmosphere in the classroom intellectually engaging, fun (even silly), and open-minded. Class is an opportunity to discuss the readings and apply course concepts toward debating current events. I welcome all points of view (e.g., liberal, conservative) as long as we choose our words carefully and compassionately. What I care about is how well my students make a case and defend it, in light of competing explanations. I want my students to excel in the art of making a compelling argument based on their understanding of IR theory and issues.

Courses I teach include:

  • Senior Seminar on Human Rights (Spring 2015 and Fall 2015)
  • Human Rights and Modern Day Slavery (Fall 2013)
  • Global governance (Spring 2012, Spring 2013)
  • Cross national research methods (Fall 2011)
  • Introduction to International Relations (Spring 2012, Spring 2011)
  • First Year Seminar: Anti-Americanism (Spring 2011)